Will My Teeth Hurt? Every Client Is Different And It Really Comes Down To Your Enamel Strength. The More Transparent, Or See-Through Your Teeth Are, The More Likely They Will Feel Sensitivity During Or After Your Teeth Whitening Session. What Makes Studio Smiles Unique Is That We Can Customize Your Peroxide Levels Based On Your Enamel Strength To Prevent Any Discomfort. Clients Who Consistently Whiten Their Teeth Are Also More Prone To Sensitivity Than Someone Who Hasn’t. Either Way, We Suggest Taking Some Tylenol Or Mineral Gel To Soften Those “Zingers” Aka Tooth Headaches, Which Will Subside In 24 Hours Or Less. The Majority Of Our Clients Experience Little To Zero Pain, Which Is What We Aim For!


How White Will My Teeth Be? Variables To Consider Will Be How Old And Strong Your Stains Are? Are You An Avid Coffee Drinker? Tobacco User? Wine Drinker (Who Isn’t, Right?) No Matter Your Lifestyle, We Guarantee Your Smile Will Be 3-5 Shades Whiter, If Not 6-8 Shades Lighter. We’re Overachievers And Promise That You’ll Love Your Smile -Or Your Money Back. That’s How Confident We Are!


Is Your Teeth Whitening Product Organic? Yes, Our Product Is Organic Grade, And Is Made Up Of Natural Ingredients That Include Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe And Different Levels Of Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide In Pure Form Is The Natural Chemical H2o2. That Means It’s Water (H2o) With An Extra Oxygen Atom (O) - So It Is H2o2 (Or H2o+O) For Our Science Fans.


How Strong Is Your Product Compared To Going To A Dentist? Technically, You Don’t Have Be A Dental Professional To Do Cosmetic Teeth Whitening (Sh*T Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You To Know) So Because We’re Not Dentists, We Aren’t Required To Carry Medical Insurance, Or Have The Same High Overhead Expenses, Which Means More Money In Your Pocket. We Offer A Variety Of Hydrogen Peroxide Strengths To Custom Blend A Mixture That’s Going To Get YOUR Teeth White, While You Keep More Dolla’s In Your Pocket.


What Am I Allowed To Do After My Session? 2-8 Hours After Treatment, Please Avoid Any Dark Staining Drinks Like Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, Soda And Fruit Juice. Avoid Dark Staining Foods Like Soy Sauce, Chocolate, And Red Meat. No Smoking For 24-Hours - Think Of Your Teeth As Having Pores. After Your Whitening Session, The Pores Will Be Open And More Susceptible To Color Agents Aka Stains From Getting Absorbed.


How Long Will My Results Last? Depending On How Meticulous You Are About Keeping Away From Caffeine, Soda, And Wine (Or Using A Straw While Drinking), You Can Expect Your Results To Last Up To 6-12 Months. We Offer A Great Whitening Toothpaste For $20 To Help Maintain That Bright Smile, Or You Can Expect To Visit Us Every 6-12 Months For Either A Lunch Express Or Full Session.


What If I Have Veneers, Crowns Or Porcelains? Since Our Treatments Are Customized To Each Individual, We’re Able To Achieve And Match A Shade Of Restoration That Looks Natural And Even With The Rest Of Your Smile. Our Cosmetic Grade Whitening Gel Removes All Stains, Including Ones On Crowns, Veneers And Porcelain Teeth (Yes, Even Dental Restorations Acquire Stains Like Natural Teeth, But At A Slower Pace). Short Of Seeing Your Dentist To Update Or Remake Your Cosmetic Dental Procedure, Our Whitening Treatment Cannot Make Them Whiter Than Originally Created.


Interested In Being A Teeth Slayer? Anyone Can Do This If They’re Personable And Passionate About People. We’ve Been In The Game For Over 10 Years And Have A Ton Of Experience To Share From Marketing, Product Knowledge, Technique And Customization To Fit Every Client’s Needs. We Offer A Full-Day Certification Program + 3-Month Starter Kit To Help Launch Your Own Teeth Whitening Business, Or Service. No Experience Needed.

Group Parties?

Not To Brag, But We’re Known To Be The Life Of A Party - Whether It’s Corporate, Bridal, Pamper Or Relaxation, We KNOW How To Keep People Smiling. It’s Our Speciality! We Promise To Arrive On-Time, Ready To Set-Up, So All You Have To Do Is Enjoy Your Guests. This Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving - Smiles Are Contagious. Call For Special Group Discounts And Details.